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Services and Industries

   At OnWord Translations we offer the following services:

  •  Translation

  •  Proofreading

  •  Editing

  •  Machine Translation Post-editing.

   Our main industries are:

Life Sciences


Coming from a background in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Life Sciences field is my main professional focus as a translator. 

Among the types of documents I either translate, proofread or edit on a regular basis are:

- Clinical trial agreements, protocols and summaries;

- Drug companies internal communications;

- Research-related surveys, non-disclosure agreements and drug information;

- Hospital pamphlets and other staff and/or patient communications.


Since 2014 I have been the editor and main translator of the blog Autismo em Tradução (Autism in Translation), where I select texts witten by Autistic authors about their experiences, demands and aspirations as members of a community.

My hands-on involvement in issues concerning disabilities and education, for over a decade, has provided me with a rich understanding and English vocabulary in the field.

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Subtitling and Literature
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